Neuro hats reveal a new healing process of the brain

I'm a former professional writer who has worked for academic institutions, high technology companies, aerospace industries and a federal agency. I came across the healing abilities of the neuro hat by accident. I originally made the hats for another purpose which is controversial, stopping alien abductions. Users of the hats had several kinds of neurological and psychological conditions. After many people told me that the hat helped them and even cured some maladies, I changed my focus to the healing capacity of the hat.
Discovery of a new neurological healing process
Inventor and Independent Scientist Michael Menkin
Historic Similarities


Healthcare Inventor Michael Menkin with red neuro hat at the 2015 Brain Injury Art Show sponsored by the Brain Injury Alliance of Washington (BIAWA).

 Understanding a new brain function

The neuro hat is a new invention that has cured several neurological diseases and improved the condition of people with traumatic brain injuries. It's a hat with six to eight layers of a conductive plastic. Some people who wear the hat have remarkable results. This website tells you about the hat and its record of helping people with epilepsy, traumatic brain injury, headaches, autism, and other neurological disorders. It also discusses how it's being tested and shows the types of neuro hats that are available.
All neuro hats are given to qualified participants to try for free. Nothing is sold. No charges are made. All of my research is done at my own expense.