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Michael Menkin
Healthcare Inventor
Michael Menkin sewing a neruo hat.
As a former advertising copywriter I used to get paid for getting new advertising ideas. I had success with many clients, and sometimes doubled their sales through effective advertising. Getting ideas was important to me. It still is.
When I was a publications editor at the department of Physiology and Biophysics at the University of Washington, I also felt that creativity was important. I taught several courses in creative thinking and scientific discovery at the University's Experimental College. Even when working for a technology company like Fluke Instruments, I still focus on creative thinking. I got engineers together to present their research in a series of seminars called SEE, Seminars for Engineering Exchange. I organized four presentations on Human Engineering in Electronic Design through the IEE - Institute for Electronics and Electrical Engineers.
All of my efforts in working for both medical research institutions and high technology finally paid off with my invention of the neuro hat. I tried different kinds of conductive materials under hats, trying to find one that would benefit the wearer. Once I learned that a hat with a conductive plastic had healing properties. I was motivated to try it on people with different neurological disorders. To my surprise, the hat worked much better than I thought. It's healed many neurological disorders as I state in the success section of this site.
I studied art full time at the College of Marin in Kentfield, California. My creative experience, coupled with a background in advertising, public relations, medicine, academia and high technology all worked together in creating a successful healing device. My goal now is to scientifically substantiate its success and get it established in the medical community.
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