Historic Similarities
Some healing success of the neuro hat continued:
Tourette's Syndrome.
Reduced involuntary movements of head in a patient with Tourette's syndrome.
Enabled a stroke victim to sleep easily. She stated she could sleep after only wearing a hat for 15 minutes!
Two autistic children who slept with hats every night for ten years are greatly improved and attending college. Before they started wearing the hats they were diagnosed as hopeless autistics.

One mute autistic child started speaking after wearing the neuro hat every night for three months.

Two other autistic children improved after wearing their hats for several months but the mother lost interest and they stopped wearing the hats over an undetermined time, probably three months.
Other neurologic disorders.
Cured the dizziness of one patient.
Success: Brain Disorders
Helped by the Neuro Hat
Understanding a new brain function
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