Method: Obtaining Scientific
Recognition of the Neuro Hat
Historic Similarities
Healthcare inventor Michael Menkin with brain injury survivors at the international dinner held in Seattle on September, 2014. As of summer 2015 eight people from the this group have benefited from the neuro hat.

A Difficult Path to Scientific Discovery.

It is difficult for a layman to make a contribution to medical science. I don't have access to any scientific equipment and I cannot perform any tests on the people who wear the neuro hat. I have to rely on getting their doctors and other scientists to become interested in the hat and the results it brings to wearers. They are the ones who most obtain hard evidence and provide a new understanding of human brain activity.
The hardest part of my effort is obtaining people to try the hat. I work with support groups of brain injured people, people with epilepsy, and people with dizziness from a neurological problem. I also work with people who suffer from headaches, both migraine headaches and other types of headaches. Children with headache problems are also in this group. The hat has also helped autistic children, some improved dramatically after wearing the hat every night for years. However, It is difficult to get children to wear the hat consistently. Their parents must train them to wear the hat.
Understanding a new brain function
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