Method: Obtaining Scientific
Recognition of the Neuro Hat
Historic Similarities
Normal EEG (electroencephalogram) reading.
Hard data is required to substantiate the hat.

Neuro hat is mainstream, evidence based medicne.

The neuro hat is not alternative medicine. I give the hats to people to try for free. All hats are free to users who want to wear it. The only qualification is that the user must be under the care of a doctor and they must have a neurological disorder that they can document. I tell all of the patients receiving the hat that it is mainstream, evidence based, experimental medicine. By giving the hat as a gift they; are assured that it is experimental.
Neuro hats take a long time to work so I'm focusing on people who live within driving distance of Seattle. I mailed hats to people in other states and countries with mixed success. I want the hats back to give to another person if they can't be worn by the original requestor. Many people who could not wear the hat in other states refused to return them. Since that is the case I am reluctant to give hats to people in other states and countries. However, some people in other states and countries found me on my Facebook sites. I did send hats to them after they returned letters they signed promising to keep in touch with them.
Anecdotal evidence is insufficient to substantiate the effectiveness of the hat. Hard evidence must be substantiated by common tests already in use such as electroencephalograms. Hard evidence can also be obtained by medical imaging techniques such as MRI (magnetic resonance imaging). At this time I don't know if the hat makes any noticeable physical changes in the brain. Some people improve so dramatically after wearing the hat that a physical change can be a possibility.
Understanding a new brain function
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