Neuro hats
Theory of Operation
Historic Similarities
Understanding a new brain function
Independent research, entirely self-funded. Not affiliated with a university, research institute, medical center, or clinic.
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Interior of nero hat showing conductive plastic
The neuro hat is composed of multiple (six to eight) sheets of an electrically conductive plastic inserted in a leather "aviator" hat or a custom made denim hat. Each sheet is cut to fit the shape of the hat and the head of the wearer. Baseball caps and women's hats are also made with the conductive plastic lining.


The Neuro hat works on the newly discovered concept that electrical activity of the brain at the brain's own rhythm can help heal the brain. An electrically conductive plastic returns some brain impulses back into the brain. Basic research is needed for this medical discovery.
Normal studies and treatment of brain disorders use electrodes and evaluate EEG data. By analyzing the electrical activity of the brain, neurologists can diagnose disease and conduct biofeedback procedures. Neuro hats are a new EEG concept.
The hats are a medical first, they have never been made before. Nobody has ever returned the brain's electrical activity back to it. Researchers only analyze the electrical impulses that come out of the brain. The conductive plastic in the hat returns some of the brain's own electrical activity to the wearer in a possible feedback loop, which may cause a healing effect for some kinds of neurological disorders.