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The purpose of this web site is to disseminate information about the neuro hat, explain its importance as a new medical discovery, and to recruit patients to try it. More case histories will be posted as more patients try the neuro hat with positive results.

A mute, autistic girl started wearing a leather neuro hat at age 11 in 2003. She began to speak after wearing the hat every day for three months. She wore the hat for several more years and continued to improve. She did have counselors but some of the improvement, especially speech, is attributable to the hat. As of 2015 she is an honor student in college and speaks normally. Her 67-year-old father states he can play golf better when he wears the hat.
"This is life changing stuff" stated a 55-year-old married man who suffered from migraine headaches. His headaches started at age 40. In 2010 he found that the neuro hat alleviated his migraine headaches every time he wore it. After wearing the hat consistently with each migraine headache for three years, he no longer suffers from them. He states further, "if I feel a tinge of a headache coming on, I sleep with the neuro hat all night which alleviates any further problems." Previously he did not take any medication for his migraine headaches. He works full time as a landscaper.
A forty-year-old former school teacher who grew up with Tourette syndrome is being helped by the neuro hat. She started wearing it in March 2015 and after several months noted that she had fewer simple tics such as head and shoulder jerking. She stated that she is more conscious of the tics since she has been wearing the hat. She also has a seizure disorder and took deep brain stimulation therapy for it which helped her. She takes medication for her seizures. She stopped wearing the hat during the hot summer months but will begin wearing it again in the fall. She has had no problems wearing her neuro hat and is happy to wear it during the day.