Neuro Hats
Historic Medical Similarities
Dr. Edward Jenner 1749-1823
The Discovery of Vaccination
The Foundation of Immunology
The Rout of Smallpox and all communicable diseases prevented by vaccination.
Edward Jenner discovered vaccination and the principle of immunology in 1796 when he took cow pox pus from the hand of milkmaid Sara Nelms and vaccinated the arm of a boy, James Phipps. After the vaccination the boy did not become infected with smallpox when Jenner attempted to inoculate him. The discovery of vaccination laid the foundation for the prevention of many infectious diseases. The British Royal Society refused to publish Jenner's discovery so Jenner published it privately in 1798. The remaiinder of the story is history: much of England and Europe were vaccinated for small pox before Jenner died in 1823. Because of his discovery of vaccination, Edward Jenner saved more lives than another person in the history of mankind.
Like Lind and Jenner, I've made a discovery but cannot ascertain a scientific explanation for its success. As a layman I don't have access to any type of scientific testing so I can only try to interest scientists and have them obtain real evidence. The success of the Neruo hat is surprising and exciting. I hope to get more people with neurologic disorders to try the hat and obtain real scientific evidence through others. At this time I can only offer a theory about its success. The neuro hat demonstrates that there is another function healing process of the human brain which was unknown.
Historic Similarities
One key element of the discovery is that Jenner did not know why vaccination worked. It would take over 100 years for the concept of immunology to scientifically develop from Robert Koch, Emil von Behring, Shibasaburo Kitasato, and other scientists.
Understanding a new brain function
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